Image of Custom Design Stamp

Custom Design Stamp

99.00 / Coming Soon

Get yourself a unique and super-awesome designer stamp!


  • 22mm diametre design area
  • self-inking stamp
  • carry-anywhere-stamp™ due to pocket-size
  • optionally filled with black ink
  • unique custom design, you are the only one to own this
  • lasers used for production for extra awesomeness
  • Usually ships within 10 days
  • designed by Jan Persiel

The design

The cool thing about the design is that it is a surprise design. You are in for a surprise!

And this is how the magic works

You supply a word/phone number/whatever no longer than 25 characters when checking out (Click on "Add message to the seller"). If you feel like giving additional information, like the industry you are free to add up to 3 keywords which will be considered when designing. If anyhow possible these keywords will be taken care of. The designs are usually created within a week after the payment is received. After that we need about three days to actually produce the stamp with your custom design. And yes, of course the production involves lasers!

Disclaimer and Tips

However: The design is up to us, be prepared to get something else than expected. There are no feedback loops or the alike. In case you want more control, please feel free to contact a designer of your choice, try for example.

In short, hopefully clear words:
  • no option to return the custom design stamps
  • no refunds will be issued
In case you love surprises, this one is for you. Control-freaks choose from our ready-made stamps.